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VIRTUAL LEASING AVAILABLE! CALL US TODAY! 814-867-2323 | Making Thanksgiving Work in Your One Oven Apartment

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and maybe this year you’re hosting Friendsgiving in your apartment! Here are some tips on making it work in your one oven apartment:

  1. Bake all of your pies and desserts the day before
  2. Find multiple sides that can be baked at the same temperature – or bake everything at the middle temperature and monitor closely
  3. Find dishes that don’t need the oven – crockpots, instant pots, stovetops, no baking at all even…people might want a salad
  4. Reheat while the turkey rests – a perfect time to cook biscuits or if your premade dishes time to reheat them for that 30 minutes while the turkey rests
  5. If you absolutely need that second oven…make friends with your neighbors!


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